"We take care of the technology, so you can take care of the business"

Comware is a technology service provider that helps companies deliver online business offerings, working in partnership to implement, support and manage the underlying technology stack.

In a world with so many options, you can be confident that Comware has the expertise to help you make the right choice for your digital business.

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The Comware Manifesto

Customers as a Partner

Trust is at the centre of all successful partnerships. We take a vested interest in where you've been so we can help you get where you want to go.

Build to Last

You can't eliminate technical debt, but you can manage it so what’s built today can also evolve to meet your future needs. It's all about thinking long-term – from the tech to our relationship with you.

Deliver Quality, Deliver Quickly

We strip away everything to deliver a fast, high-quality service. No long specification processes or unnecessary meetings – just lots of smart collaborative tools to ensure clear communication and full transparency.

Affordable Excellence

Through consultants with deep engineering experience, Comware provides a premium service at a very competitive price. We do more for less.

Deliver on the Value Proposition

Our focus is delivering on each customer’s unique value proposition. It's the first thing we identify and it remains at the core of everything we do. We help you realize your value proposition.

Automate Everything

Iteration is at the heart of our software engineering practice, and automation helps us do it faster. Everything we do – build, test, deploy, operate – is automated to help us deliver with ease and speed.


Comware's services span the full spectrum of software engineering activities.

Product Development

We help our customers across the complete range of product development activities, from MVP specification to implementation and operational support.

Software Egineering

Our proficiency in software engineering means we can deliver well-crafted software that will evolve with your business needs.

Security Assessment

We can undertake a security assessment of your digital business to ensure it meets best practices and complies with your risk profile.

Digital Transformation

We can take your business processes, activities and competencies and use the power of digital transformation to make your business smarter and more efficient.

Market Disruption

Are you looking at entering the market with a disruptive digital strategy, but not sure how to execute? With our experience in delivering new products to market, we can help get you there.

Startup Mentoring

Our deep start-up experience means we can work closely with your team to help execute your business strategy without burning through your cash.


Partner with Comware on your next project

Audience Measurement Platform

We have developed a platform for measuring digital content viewing. The platform collects over 100M events per day and produces insights for the Australian broadcasters and other third parties, including advertisers and media agencies.

Make Your Website Faster

…thanks to a smart piece of middleware that sits between your site and a CDN and that optimises the size of images, fonts, javascript, css and other website assets. It's non-intrusive, simple to configure and makes your website load faster, which translates to better conversion rates.

Diagnostic Technology for Melanoma

Right now, we’re working with a company to take their Melanoma Diagnostic platform to the cloud with the aim of providing a more secure, multi-region, affordable and available solution for storing, analysing and visualising medical images.

A Spreadsheet for Big Data

We have worked with a company to bring Excel-like functionality to big data sets. Customers are able to work with the familiar spreadsheet paradigm to quickly analyse and visualise large data sets and gain real-time business insights.

Crop Manager

Efficient water management is fundamental to crop yield. This platform collects hundreds of thousands of observations from sensors scattered across vast geographical areas to measure soil moisture, temperature and humidity so that water can be distributed more efficiently.

Your Project

Talk to Comware today to see how we can work together.

Clients, Big and Small

Comware has a long history of successfully delivering professional services to many companies, big and small. We work in partnership with each customer to deliver value across all aspects of the software delivery process, including architecture, software developing, testing, security, devops, operations, project management and mentoring.

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